Spring training

Today has been a difficult day in some ways and quietly happy in others.

Spring is showing signs of being here for good, at least in our area.  Out west in North Dakota, winter mixed with historic flooding is showing more proof that Nature can best anything we throw at it.  In my front yard, I see daffodils pushing their way through the dirt, and I’m pleased that the rabbits and chipmunks didn’t eat as many of the bulbs I’d planted last fall as I thought they had.   I try not to think of the battles I’ll go through in the summer months with the chipmunks, rabbits, groundhog and deer.  Best to enjoy the little stubs of greenery while I can…

The day is ending quietly, almost soothing to my nerves.  I’ve been peripherally watching “City Slickers” while checking email, doing some online research and shopping, and worrying in my head.  There is a scene in the movie that sums up my father’s relationship with technology (the VCR explanation scene) and makes me think not only of him, but also of my brother.  My brother had seen the movie in the theater before I did and had left a message on my answering machine once he got home.  “See the movie,” he’d said.  And there will be a scene that will remind me of Dad.  How will I know which scene?  “You’ll just KNOW.  Trust me.”

So I saw the movie with some friends and when the scene was over, I blurted out loud (forgetting where I was, apparently) “That’s my dad!”    Who knows what my friends or anyone else in the movie theater thought.  All I was thinking of, though, was my dad.  And smiling…

Fast forward a nice chunk of years, and the movie is playing on the TV as Mike walks through the room.  He is quick to point out that Billy Crystal’s character is wearing a Mets’ baseball cap.  Mike, die hard Mets fan, then tells me (as if I haven’t heard this before a few times) that you couldn’t pry Billy Crystal out of Shea Stadium in the 80s, when (1) the Mets were generally better & more popular than the Yankees and (2) “City Slickers” was filmed.

I acknowledge this to be true.  Fine, humor him.  See, I know where this is going.  Billy Crystal is more recently known as a big Yankee fan, even so far as to be a part of some of the pomp & circumstance of their big moments in the past 15 years.   This doesn’t gel with Mr. Met and is a guarantee to get his feathers ruffled.  He’s cute when he feels his team has been wronged.  Kinda.

All of this brings me back to baseball.  This season, I’ve joined a fantasy baseball league with some friends.  As much as I love baseball and follow it fairly closely, I have NO clue what I’m doing and we haven’t even started the season yet.  The “draft” is this weekend and I’ve ranked my players that I’d like to end up with.  I did some research, but only because I thought my chances of being even a teensy bit competitive would be enhanced if I didn’t just pick players that I’d heard of, thought were nice guys (note – NOT A-Rod or Manny Ramirez), and preferably Yankees.  We’ll see how I do.  I have very low expectations so I’m sure to not disappoint myself at all.

With the start of spring comes the seeds of summer.  I registered Nicholas for summer camp,  checked our stock of Avon’s Skin-So-Soft bug spray (ordered more! On sale!), and made my list of seeds and plants to buy for the garden.    There’s a lot of time between now and when all that stuff comes to fruition.   And like the baseball season, it’ll be here before I know it.


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