Monthly Archives: April 2010

Starting in spring… again

I recognize that I tend to wake up, in many ways, in spring.  Like I’m a bear or a daffodil or something.  Sure, I’m a fully functioning person all year long, even in winter.  I manage to pull myself together for the winter holidays, pack everything away (late), and hunker down with thick sweaters and homemade cookies until … well… about now.

I’m not sure why that is.  Or why my creative juices spike in spring, only to tail off as I get busy with summer-y things.  I’m not inclined to write, at least on a computer, when its nicer out and I have other things to enjoy.  But if I want to pursue writing, and I believe I do, then I need to write often.  No matter what.

A whole year has passed on this here ol’ blog since I last posted.  A whole year of birthdays, sports highlights, fiscal disaster (on a spectacularly global scale, too), familial highs and lows, holidays and all of that other life stuff.  I don’t need to summarize what happened but I do need, or want, to start getting in the habit of recording what’s going on NOW.  The kids are growing up too fast.  Conversations, events (big and small) and even non-events – I enjoy them as they happen but feel bad about not recording them somehow.  Pictures help, but digital ones are tucked onto the computer, not really seen.  We don’t pull them up on the monitor to review what happened, relive the moment, laugh about the story “behind” the photo.  We actually DO that, I realize, but not very often.    Is it a bad thing that we don’t?

I certainly talk with friends and family about what’s going on with everyone – what and how we’re doing and sometimes why.  My memory is pretty darn good right now (as it should be!) but sometimes, I find that the busy-ness of my life means that I’m forgetting some of the moments that I do not want to forget.

So I’m going to write, hopefully daily.  Most likely, it will be for myself and for practice (what do I want to do when I grow up, anyway?).  Maybe someone else will read it, maybe… But I hope that it will be one way, out of  others, to help collect the little bits and pieces of life along the way, the bits that we would otherwise forget.

And who knows, maybe the experiment, such as it is, will be an example of “from little things, big things grow.”